Fight for your Hero

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About two decades ago, I happened to hear Foo Fighters’ “This is a Call” on the radio, and the band’s musical journey since then has never ceased to amaze me. So when we at Aries Gold received word that they would be receptive to a watch collaboration with us, I was transported back to that moment in time, because what I had just witnessed was literally music to my ears. In the ensuing time period, we set about as a team to define a design concept that would marry two different arts: music and watch engineering. From studying the types of chords used on guitars and how they are tuned, we decided on a watch movement that would closely mimic its artistry, embarking on an 11-month journey to create a prototype that does a world-leading band justice. In fact, we nearly ran into a production issue, as the Foo Fighters loved our watch sample so much that they requested to keep it for their own use; this created a slight delay as we then had to reproduce another batch of samples to undergo the whole production process.

What this means for you, our dearest fans, is that we now have 500 limited editions of our Foo Fighters X Aries Gold timepiece, Hero – available in three case variations of silver, black, and rose gold, in addition to being expertly curated by none other than the rock legends themselves. Only the finest components have gone into the Hero, including an exclusive box packaging and a steam punk-themed Japanese movement. These pieces will not go through any more production runs, assuring you of its exclusivity. To get your hands on what will be another Aries Gold vintage, simply visit [insert link] or make a trip to your nearest H2 Hub outlet. Inside news has it that close to 200 pre-orders have already been made by ardent fans, so don’t say we didn’t warn you ;)

-The Watchman