The Joy of Giving

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… Most, if not all of us, would be familiar with the popular Christmas tune, and even have the luxury of treating ourselves to Christmas gifts for a hard year’s worth of work (despite those times you took MC to watch that must-catch match or escape the boss’ next torturous assignment). However, it’s also the season of giving to others, of touching lives that may often go invisible. That’s why Aries Gold wants to deliver assistance to those deserving of it, considering how our founder came from humble roots himself.

Every year, 100 pieces of a limited edition timepiece will be produced and sold, with all proceeds going to charity. 2016 is no different as the curtains go down on what has been a most fruitful year. As such, our very own Watch Master CK Woo has given the go-ahead to unveil one of Aries Gold’s revolutions: the El Toro 9005 fashioned with a luxurious black exterior and gold movement. Apart from showcasing our watchmaking capabilities, this specially skinned version epitomises how amidst dark times, light will always surface and shine through in the form of a gold movement.

If the spirit of charity does take over, remember that this collectible piece comes at an affordable $429, but could provide so much more for others who may need it just to survive. 100% of the proceeds go to charity, because we don’t believe in riding on the name of the needy to make a quick buck for ourselves. For more information, visit

This year, the Watch Master CK Woo has decided to use Aries Gold’s ultimate creation in 2016 for the charity timepiece. The EL TORO 9005 fashioned in cool black exterior but with a gold movement within. The watch is an epitome of the brand’s ability in watchmaking but also explains the brand mission clearly; providing hope for the needy, as explained by the gold movement within the gold movement within the dark exterior. The watch will be sold at a standard $429, 100% of the proceeds with be donated to charity. For more information about our charity of choice, visit and see how you could make, or wear, the difference this year. Till next week!