On Board the Orient Express

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So, what’s the big news? Fans will be pleased to know that some of our timepieces, including upcoming ones, will be using the Japanese Orient movement. This makes us one of the few brands in the world who are actually authorised to purchase Orient movements – all of which are produced in-house, built by hand, and high-efficiency. More than that, we also get to use these movements for R&D purposes with their engineers, aiding us in the development of ever more innovative timepieces for your enjoyment.

This usage of Orient movements in our Aries Gold line actually began with the creation of our Odyssey 9010 model, to give it the enhanced accuracy and durability as compared to other Japanese movements. The inclusion of a seconds function makes time adjustment a breeze too, especially useful for those who might have different time zones to switch between regularly. All in all, this is another milestone achieved for Aries Gold, and another of the ways through which we assure you that only the best quality is sought and used to deliver stylish statement pieces on your wrist. Right then, it’s goodbye from your trusted insider this week, and I hope to bring you more exclusive updates soon!

-The Watchman