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This week, we get down to something a little more technical, as we look at the much-vaunted sapphire glass used in most of Aries Gold timepieces. I may have touched on the more general aspects of sapphire glass in the past, such as its scratch resistance and overall hardiness, but even for sapphire glass itself, we can further split it up into both domed sapphire glass and flat sapphire glass. It’s a little bit like comparing kitchen glassware – most have the same general properties, but take on different forms and incorporate unique strengths.


So what is domed sapphire glass? For starters, domed sapphire glass creates a distortion when viewing the dial at an angle, which is reminiscent of a very vintage timepiece and very much the in-trend these days. This unique design feature actually allows for optimum readability, since in the past many dials were designed flush with the casing and bezel-less, so a domed sapphire glass crystal would allow light in from all directions. Importantly for those who are into underwater activities, domed sapphire glass has another edge over flat sapphire glass, as they can increase the inherent strength of the sapphire crystal and are a rather common sight in diver timepieces.


With all that being said, here’s a list of domed sapphire glass timepieces that Aries Gold has produced for your consideration, if you haven’t already spent your annual bonus *hint hint*:


Diva 5014

Gemini 136

Odyssey 9010

Cruiser 901


-The Watchman