Liberation is Here

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True to our word about constantly innovating and keeping our designs fresh for all fans, the new Aries Gold Liberty female timepiece is here, and just in time to complement your CNY outfit, if you’ve already got it nailed down. On a side note, it’s always a good time to load up on the latest style statements, considering last month it was Christmas shopping time – it’s just like shoes in a way. With its simple, understated image, the Liberty appeals to young ladies who seek a tinge of sleekness and sophistication. As you would expect, it comes in a choice of 5 vibrant colours and either a leather or stainless steel strap. Talk about having options.




For our Aries Gold female fans who like to get into specifics, the Liberty actually comes with a multi-function day/date movement, so you’ll never be late for your appointment, nor mix up your partner’s birthday again – at least, that’s what we hope. The kicker? With sapphire glass crystal, this pretty timepiece is highly scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to fret the next time your manicurist gets anywhere near it. Of course, you’ve got to be wondering if this will cost you a neat sum, and the good news is it’s affordably priced. Time to send some subtle hints to your significant other, especially with Valentine’s Day approaching (see, there’s always a time to buy watches).

In other news, Aries Gold is about to make our mark in Holland, so that’s an altogether new play on going Dutch. Our dear Dutch friends, do keep a lookout, ja? Till next time, I’m off to find da wae (check out the meme if you haven’t) to bigger and better plans!


-The Watchman