Year of the Underdog

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It’s been a year crammed full of major sporting upsets, from Leicester City winning the Premier League against all odds, to the Cleveland Cavaliers overthrowing the Golden State Warriors, to Singapore’s latest feat of Joseph Schooling schooling his rivals in the pool, to my Sunday 5-a-side team conspiring to lose to a bunch of balding, paunchy uncles from the nearby kopitiam. A question then sprung to mind: Could this truly be the year of the underdog?

You see, I got round to this thought as it somehow mirrors our own journey in 2016 – the Aries Gold story. Made in Singapore, sold the world over, and now experiencing a boom of our own creation when up against more established players in the watch industry, including certain copycats who’ve boldly mimicked our advertising collaterals. But hey, imitation is the best form of flattery, or so we’re told.

On a brighter note, our newly launched El Toro timepiece has been received with great fervour, selling out in no more than just 2 weeks. Plus, our revolutionary camouflage plating has already set tongues wagging (strangely, those who’ve received their NS ICT letters tend to disagree), with demand projected to outstrip supply. While some might see this as karma in action, I prefer to view it as every dog having its day. And although we’re not a pedigree one as yet, we’re getting there through sheer perseverance and a vision that we will pull off the mother of all upsets.

And yes, our time is now. So in preparation for more positive milestones to come, just flash this blog post at any H2 Hub outlet island-wide from now to 31 August 2016, and get a one-time $10 discount on any Aries Gold watch of your choice! Peace out.

- The Watchman