Pokemania Arrives

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So the Pokemon Go craze has finally caught on in Singapore, with its release in this part of the world sparking frenzied hordes of Pokemon hunters descending upon parks and major landmarks, smartphones whipped out and ever-ready to capture that wandering Rattata or elusive Squirtle. For the first time ever, I managed to spot more than 10 people at a usually quiet neighbourhood park, at midday under the scorching heat of the overhead sun, all congregating to do their own version of a conga line, including the auntie whom I’m more used to seeing shopping for groceries at the wet market – the incredibility of it all!

And I for one, have to confess with a certain degree of sheepishness, that I have become a convert, at least for the initial days of the game launch. In my admittedly feeble defence, being in this line of work means that I need to keep abreast of the latest trends and figure out how such phenomena could aid the Aries Gold marketing efforts, especially when businesses have already taken to putting out lures at their establishments such as cafés to promote an uptick in sales.

For the sake of those who have already contracted Pokemon Go mania, here’s a pro tip especially for you: look out for our latest Aries Gold releases (including our stylish El Toro) at all H2 Hub outlets islandwide this month, as we plan to place lures of our own at specific timings that we’ll announce via our Facebook page. Who knows, in addition to great discounts over the National Day period festivities, you could land yourself that adorable Pikachu or Mew too! Just remember to keep your senses about you; you don’t want to walk into the path of an oncoming vehicle or straight into a lamppost. That’s all from me, as I compete with you lot to become the first one to catch em all #firstworldpriorities

- The Watchman