A Watch to Watch on a Blog to Watch

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Now, I’m sure most people here in Singapore would be fairly aware of local bloggers like Xiaxue and Mr Brown, with the more foodie-oriented ones perhaps big followers of Seth Chui or Ladyironchef. So, what blog do watch aficionados actually follow? If you’re acquainted with the name A Blog to Watch, you’d probably know that our friends on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean are pretty big in the USA, with a 10-year history of providing the latest on the scene, in terms of watch reviews and industry trends. What does this all have to do with Aries Gold then?

For one, we’re actually featured on their website and garnering more awareness internationally – check it out here. Well, it’s not us per se (although it’d have been great to have my mug shot on their site), but rather our hot seller, the Aries Gold X Aerosmith limited edition timepiece. What’s that you say? Apart from being the latest exclusive to roll off our line, the limited edition timepiece is hot on the heels of last year’s Aries Gold X Foo Fighters Hero timepiece, which took just 2 months to sell out its entire run.

As described, what the limited edition watch has going for it is its bold, loud, and eccentric style, with a near bezel-less design that lets you direct all your attention at the skeletonised, three-dimensional dial. All great to look at, and all for a great price too. For those on a rather skimpy Christmas budget, you could try your hand at winning it via our giveaway and share the hot tip with your network. If all else fails, you just might want to misbehave a little to get on Santa Claus’ naughty list, because even he knows the campaign tagline reads ‘Bad is Good’ ;)

-The Watchman