Rock This Way

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It’s been a fast and furious few weeks, and we’re not referring to the way a certain minister has been frantically diverting all heat away from himself, but the sales of our Aries Gold X Aerosmith Limited Edition timepiece. With 1,000 pieces produced, this rock fan must-have featuring the trademark Aerosmith wings is literally flying off the shelves. We’re down to our last 600+ pieces, and it’s still not too late to get it as the perfect Christmas gift for your rocker wannabe friend – you know, the one who can’t really hold a tune but is always first to the mic at KTV gatherings.

But if you somehow don’t have a buddy that’s willing to shell out that dough for you, there’s still hope of you clinching this envy-inducing timepiece, simply by taking part in our Aries Gold X Aerosmith giveaway contest here. With overwhelming response worldwide so far, you just might be the lucky one to walk away with a new wonder on your wrist and spark conversation at those parties you’ll be attending. After all, word has it that bad boys and girls are the ones who’re more sought after. Results may vary though, because you certainly need the attitude to pull this awesome accessory off.

 Whatever the case, we wish you all the best in acquiring one of our Bad Boys of Boston timepieces, so that you can unleash your very own spirit of being a Bad Boy of Bedok. Alright, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but rock on!

-The Watchman