The Art of Being Bad

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With November now in full swing, some of our dearest Aries Gold fans may be wondering about our latest limited edition timepiece launch, and the accompanying promotional message “Bad is Good”. I know what you’re probably thinking, and perhaps questions like “Isn’t graffiti frowned on in Singapore?” or “Weren’t those graffiti artists at the train depot jailed some time back?” The thing is, we’re not here to promote vandalism, nor encouraging widespread, uncontrolled rebellion. You see, we’re here to change mindsets and promote the message of pursuing your passion – no matter how unorthodox it may be. You don’t see Banksy being derided for his art, do you?
And if Aerosmith hadn’t gone out of their way to be bad in a good way, the world would have been deprived of their rock talents and a whole lot of entertainment. Armageddon might have had a totally different theme song for that matter. And whether it’s graffiti or rock music or even sports in your case, if it’s something that fuels your hunger to live and represents who you truly are, go for it.

That’s the reason our video for the Aerosmith X Aries Gold timepiece was fronted by Slac, the founder of Zinc Nite Crew, a local graffiti crew that takes their art seriously. Slac started way back in 1998, and had to fend off the detractors and naysayers to get to where he is today, with his own co-founded studio and relative success in his field. That’s the kind of can-do spirit and personality our limited edition watch embodies, one that we really should aspire towards, especially in a country that often talks about thinking outside the box but rarely venturing beyond it. We know that Singapore’s got talent, so rock it! FYI, Slac’s a pretty mean skateboarder too, but it’s not something you’d discover in his bio here:


Anyway, if my stirring, inspirational message has tugged at you somewhat, you might want to get the Limited Edition watch at your nearest H2 Hub outlet, before stocks run out completely. Christmas is coming too, so you might as well pick up this great gift for your best bad buddy ;)

-The Watchman