Rock is How We Roll

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As we count down to November, there’s something really important I have to get off my chest. No, it’s not about the deep-seated cultural issues that have plagued my morning MRT ride to the office – that’s apparently just down to bad luck. But what I have to declare is pretty ‘bad’ as well. After all, our Aries Gold x Aerosmith Limited Edition timepiece is finally about to be released next week, and these are legit bad boys. Each of them even comes with a limited edition passport holder to give wearers a licence to rock, as well as individually serialised watch back casings that ensure its rarity.

If that’s not compelling enough, we’re even throwing in a free watch winder with purchase of the Limited Edition watch, so you can keep it in tip-top condition without compromising the quality automatic movement within. That means no over-stressing of the working parts leading to mechanical failure, which would be a welcome change for all you fellow MRT riders like me.

But the best proof of how desirable the Limited Edition watch is, is our pre-order sales so far, because there’s nothing quite like word of mouth. With more than 300 pre-orders in just a week, you’d literally not want to miss a thing when we roll our shutters up at H2 Hub outlets island-wide next week. Of course, if you’re an art fan, you could also pop by to view our commissioned art piece created by prominent graffiti artist Slac, and add just that tiny bit to your street cred.

Finally, we’ve saved something rewarding for the most hardcore Aries Gold and Aerosmith fans, with a massive surprise that will soon be disclosed. Remember to follow this space for a chance to land yourself something that’s truly rockin’ bad! If you simply cannot do without the Limited Edition watch, or are planning the baddest Christmas gift ever, simply click here to order yours here.

-The Watchman