The Magic of Ceramic

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Here’s a quiz question: what are the 3 main classes of watch case materials? If you got both metal and silicone, you’re about half-right. Now, the real correct answer is Metals, Polymers, and Ceramics. I feel it particularly important to enlighten our Aries Gold fans out there, seeing as how one customer previously asked me the difference in price tags between two timepieces she had shortlisted, a plastic one and a ceramic one. More specifically, she was wondering­­­ why the ceramic one was much costlier.

The first thing one should note is that the ceramic material used in watches is much different from the fragile kind found in cookware or pottery. It is constructed out of a higher specification of technology, using pure ceramic powder and alloys to ensure higher durability, a lightweight nature, and increased wear resistance. Being three to four times harder than stainless steel, scratching a ceramic watch would also be the least of your concerns – not that I recommend trying this for all you restless people, as there’s now a gadget called the fidget spinner you might want to use instead.

If that isn’t enough, ceramic watches are typically produced by bigger brands, giving it a more luxurious association. My theory is that people who hanker after ceramic watches usually tend to spoil themselves when it comes to skincare too, and ceramic is great for people with sensitive skin as it bears hypoallergenic properties, making it an additional plus. Of course, this line of thinking is a little on the wild side, but then again, that’s the price of genius (as claimed by my dear mother, who has always referred to me as a bright child).

On the topic of mothers, I’d also like to wish all mums out there a belated Happy Mother’s Day. For children who did not get their mum something nice and thoughtful and are feeling a prick on their conscience, you know what to do. Get her a ceramic watch because there’s just no substitute for its high craftsmanship, just like how there’s no replacing a mother’s love.

As a parting note, I’ve also left you this little guide as to the pros of ceramic watches.

- Wear Resistant

- Anti Corrosion

- High Temperature Resistant

- Scratch Resistant

- Lightweight

- Hypoallergenic