Wear it Right

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Here’s something I bet most of us do not even consciously think about. Nope, it’s not about whether your mother is going to nag you for not eating quickly enough or getting the chores done, because that’s a given. Today, I’d like to show all Aries Gold fans the right way to wear a watch.


You must be thinking, how difficult is it to even put on a watch? The truth is, many people make these mistakes without even realising it. First of which, is the fit. Getting the right fit is all about ensuring that your watch is neither too loose, nor too tight. It should only slide down your arm about an inch or so, and have some allowance to rotate slightly around your arm. If you remove your watch after extended hours of wear, and see an imprint, then you’ve worn it too tight.



Next up is your watch wrist. Your watch should typically be worn on your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, wearing it on your left wrist is the way to go – right at the tip where the arm meets your palm.



Applicable mainly to male dress watches, the cuff also plays a part. Never, ever wear your watch outside the cuff of a shirt, or on top of it. The only time your watch should peek out of your cuff, is when your arm is bent at an angle to the ground. That’s unless you’re trying really hard to show off your Aries Gold timepiece to your date, but don’t hold me responsible if you don’t get a follow-up date.



Finally, pick the right watch for the occasion. Dress watches are best worn to formal events, while sport watches with their larger faces, are more suited to casual clothing or everyday use. Everyday watches usually feature a stainless steel casing for enhanced versatility, pairing well with most wardrobe choices.

Now that you know how to wear it right, go on and do your Aries Gold justice – it’s the least you deserve.

-The Watchman