Rocking in Taiwan

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Shihlin Night Market. Xi Men Ding shopping district. Pretty Taiwanese girls who’ve perfected the art of makeup. And pretty soon, I hope Aries Gold makes its way into the list of things that’s popular in Taiwan as well. Judging by our recent features in various Taiwanese influencers’ blog sites, and increasing recognition as a stylish timepiece brand, there’s lots of hope yet.

Better yet, our timepieces don’t need makeup to shine, just like the bestselling Luna and Persia. That means no unpleasant surprises, like when you met your Tinder date and realised that there’s no Mei Tu Xiu Xiu app for real life. After all, there’s nothing quite like natural beauty, as my wife likes to put it to me (at which point I’ve to nod dutifully). Natural beauty in a large part of our Female range comes in the form of Swarovski crystals for an elegant look, as well as sapphire glass crystal to ensure longevity – think of it as a conditioning anti-blemish youth serum for watches.

Most importantly, there’s always a style for whatever preference you have. So it wouldn’t surprise us if more Taiwanese la mei (hot girls) sported an Aries Gold timepiece on their wrist. Cute voice, check. Cute looks, check. Cute watch, check, check, check. And if you want to know how to keep your ceramic and stainless watches in tip-top, glorious condition, check these out too.

The Magic of Ceramic

How to take care of stainless steel watch link.

Life’s not all about the beautiful stuff though. So before I go, I’d also like to take this moment to convey the Aries Gold team’s support and condolences to the victims of the recent London terror attacks. Till next week then – in the meantime, please stay safe.